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Interactive Designer who loves chairs, min pins & making lists. Works at Artagrafik in Atlanta.

Arrow Navigation Styles by Codrops

Was able to make this cool prev/next post nav thanks to the awesome tutorial from @codrops The article walks you through a number of animation possibilities and button styles that are smartly rendered with svg.

You can also see it in action on Christopher Huffer’s website.

Implementing this feature in WordPress wasn’t hard, and with the help of this article, I was able to pull in post thumbnails and meta data to fill out the next/previous links.

House Industries & Chronicle Books

Let’s Go Shopping

Hooray! House Industries, the type foundry powerhouse, will release a range of stationary products through Chronicle Books next month. The collection will include a swanky set of postcards, notebooks and stickers dressed up with metallic ink, gorgeous type and the signature House style. I’m loving everything about it.

You can learn more about the collection on the House Industries blog.

The Old Days

I was going through some old project files and uncovered this little time capsule: my website from 2004. Initially I was horrified, but then decided these old designs were kind of endearing. Back then I lived in St. Louis in the Central West End, and I was obsessed with the Art Deco architecture in the neighborhood and the buildings that were left behind from the 1904 World’s Fair in Forest Park. Unfortunately I did a terrible job reproducing that in my designs, but at the time I thought I was very clever for adding a button to switch between day and night themes and creating a horizontal scrolling layout.

In tables. Because that’s how I rolled in 2004.

Herman Miller’s History in 108 Seconds

With their new website Why, Herman Miller is sharing insights about how they do what they do. So why not challenge some cool Dutch animators to tell the 108 year history of Herman Miller in 108 seconds to explain why their brand has thrived? Part of a Bigger Plan takes us through the speedy timeline tour beginning with opening their doors in Michigan, bringing all those great Eames chairs to market, the reign of George Nelson and the inclusion of their iconic pieces at MOMA.


Jonathan Adler for Paperless Post

Jonathan Adler is one of my favorite designers, and I was happy to learn that he recently collaborated with Paperless Post to bring his signature style to their email designs. I think Paperless Post is terrific, because they’ve transformed the online greeting card service into a really nice and stylish experience. Working with Adler seems like a match made in Heaven.

You can check out all of the designs at Paperless Post.

Thanks to designworklife for the tip.