Christopher Huffer

Project Details

Role: Designer & Developer

A stylist new to Atlanta, Christopher needed a website that not only advertised his services, but also served as a platform to publish to his social media sites. I designed and built this website on WordPress, and used the Jet Pack plugin to help automatically publish his blog posts to Twitter and Facebook.

The simple and modern design aesthetic used on the site matches Christopher’s approach to his craft. I relied on the Proxima Nova typeface and a minimalist color palette to establish the contemporary feeling of the site.

Christopher also wanted people to easily interact with his site’s content on phones and tablets, so I designed flexible structures, coded responsive templates and used media queries and javascript to make the site reflow in any size viewport.

Front-end Solutions

I used some helpful jQuery plugins and tutorials to build out the site, and thought I’d share:

  • The sticky header is powered by jQuery Waypoints.
  • I learned how to make the push navigation thanks to this Codrops article.
  • The blog posts are fluid structures that maintain an equal height in any screen size thanks to
  • Because of this Codrops article, I was able to create the rollover effect for the gallery thumbnails.
  • The gallery slideshow is powered by Swipebox.
  • Nearly all of the graphics and background patterns used on the site were designed in Illustrator, saved as svg files and minified in the SVG Optimiser.