MD Anderson Cancer Types

The Front Door

The cancer types pages on receive some of the highest traffic on the website, and are often the first point of entry for people who eventually become patients. Statistics and traffic patterns showed that we had an opportunity to improve the organization of the site’s complex cancer information. We also needed to find a way to join the written content with a vast inventory of multimedia scattered across the site so that healthcare consumers could access all of the related content in one unified interface.

Project Details

A team of stakeholders from marketing and communications were assembled to develop an enhancement strategy for content. I worked closely with the team and created new requirements for page designs that organized and featured written and multimedia content. Because these pages played such a critical role in converting healthcare shoppers into patients, I reworked the primary call to action (to request an appointment) and gave it more visibility.

I created wireframes, Photoshop sketches and HTML templates that were reviewed by stakeholders and eventually adapted into the content management system. In addition to reworking the primary call to action, site visitors also have access to related podcasts and videos which dynamically appear based on the particular cancer type.